Logon Analyzer
Active Directory based!
Deployed in minutes!

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We also offer the following applications!

Aduc Admin +. Everything you wished you could do with Microsoft's Active Directory Users and Computers! This application allows you to scan both your Active Directory and your file systems for security rights, which will then be presented in a coherent interface. You can also bulk import, modify and export users, computers, groups, contacts and organizational units.

Database Comparer. Most organizations have a bunch of databases and inevitably some information needs to be identical across those databases. Database Comparer provides an easy way to check the content of your databases for consistency. You can also import existing SQL queries, or build new ones from scratch, via the most user friendly GUI in the market place!
Aduc Admin +
-- Scan your Active Directory
-- Scan your file systems
-- Token Size calculation
-- Bulk Import & Modification
-- Save Disk Space
Database Comparer
-- Compare Database Content
-- Compare Oracle, Microsoft SQL,
   Active Directory, OpenLDAP and Data
   Files with each other
-- Extensive Database filtering and
-- SQL query building