Logon Analyzer
Active Directory based!
Deployed in minutes!

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What does this software consist of?

In short:

- Console
- Website
- Server
- Client
- Offline Console

More extensively:

- Console. With this part of the application you can install the Logon Analyzer Server, the Logon Analyzer Clients and the Logon Analyzer Website. You can also request information from the Logon Analyzer Server component of the software, such as live logon info, laptop location and occupancy reporting.

- Website. The website gives easy web browser access to the data that is present on a Logon Analyzer Server. The website gives access to most of the functionality that is present in the console. You can install the website with finegrained acces rights (per function).

- Server. The server plays a central role in the workings of this application. You can install a server via the console, and you can install it in a matter of minutes. The server stores all the data from the clients, and provides all the data to consoles and your website.

- Client. This piece of software collects the logon data from the end user computers in your network. It then sends that data to the server. The client can be distributed over one, more or all the computers in your network in a matter of minutes.

- Offline Console. This piece of software allows you to evaluate collected logon data offline, i.e. without having to connect to a Logon Analyzer Server, or even without being connected to any network.