Logon Analyzer
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The following events are collected by the Logon Analyzer Clients, and sent to the Logon Analyzer Server:

-- Logons
-- Logoffs
-- Locking
-- Unlocking
-- Sleeps
-- Wake Ups
-- Boot Times
-- Shutdown Times
-- Forced Logoffs
-- Forced Shutdowns
-- Forced Restarts
-- Sent Messages

When a rule is applied to a computer, the following events are collected by that computer and sent to the Logon Analyzer Server:

-- Rule Same User Logon
-- Rule Prohibit Logon
-- Rule Allow Logon
-- Rule Restrict logon hours
-- Rule Allow logon hours
-- Rule Restrict logon Time
-- Rule Scheduled Logoffs
-- Rule Scheduled Shutdowns
-- Rule Scheduled Restarts
-- Rule Scheduled Messages

Your Logon Analyzer Clients wil always collect this data, also when they cannot, for any reason, contact their Logon Analyzer Server. If they can't make contact, they'll cache the information and send it at first contact. Once they've uploaded their cached info to their Logon Analyzer Server, their cache is cleared.