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Logon Analyzer Client refuses to run...

Let's say that you try to push the Logon Analyzer Client to a computer that does not have the right DotNet version installed, or that, for any reason, refuses to let the client software start up. Let's say that we missed a bug which prevents the client form starting up.

If, for whatever reason, the Logon Analyzer Client refuses to start up, your end user's computer will not hang, nor will the logon process be interrupted. Your end user will not face a 'hanging' computer or detect any changes on logon, whether the clients starts up or not.

Logon Analyzer Server refuses to run...

When a computer in your Active Directory does not accept the Logon Analyzer Server software as a service, you will be informed on installation. If the service refuses to start up, the computer will be unaffected. You can still deinstall the service via the 'Remove Server' option.