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A map allows you to do three things:

1. To find the physical location of your users and computers in your organization.
2. To present a visual representation of occupied and free workplaces.
3. To determine the workplace requirements of your organization.

The physical location of your users and computers in your organization...

Where are you? In this building? Where in the building? In large organizations, it is often difficult to find out where someone is. Once you have made a map of your organization, you can easily locate a computer or end user.

Live panes, or the visual representation of occupied and free workplaces...

Once you have made a physical representation of a floor, you can present this floor in a live pane. The free workplaces are represented in green, the occupied workplaces are represented in red. If you show this live pane on a screen at the entrance hall of the floor, anyone can find a free workplace in a heartbeat.

Workplace requirements of your organization...

Let's say that your organization is housed on a large floor in a large office building, with two hundred and fifty workplaces and two hundred and fifty employees, all using roaming, wireless laptops. You could do with a lot less workplaces. But how many less? If you make a map that contains all your workplaces, and start logging your roaming, wireless laptops,  you can calculate exactly how many workplaces you'd need for this scenario.