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Communication between your Logon Analyzer Clients and your Logon Analyzer Server, and between your Logon Analyzer Consoles and your Logon Analyzer Server, takes place over IP.

The communication between your Clients and Server is seperated from the communication between your Consoles and your Server, meaning that they run over different ports. The reason for this is twofold:

-- to prevent the data communication between your clients and server from being interrupted by communication between a console (you) and your server.
-- to facilitate running the Logon Analyzer Client and the Logon Analyzer Console on the same computer. This means that you can install the client to your own computer and still fire up the console software on your own computer.

The default ports for communication are:

1. For communication between clients and server: 30000
2. For communication between consoles and server: 30001

You can, of course, pick other ports, but make sure that Firewalls and Routers allow inbound and outbound IP traffic over the ports you select...