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Our Indoor Positioning System uses triangulation to locate your wireless laptops. Triangulation is as precise as the math behind it. It is the definition of precise.

Unfortunately, as anyone has  noticed using WIFI, signal strength of WIFI access points is by no means constant and  straight forward.

There are a lot of variables that determine the signal strength of an access point. To name but a few:

-- Physical obstacles, such as walls, desks and bodies.
-- Access point types. Different manufacturers use different signal strength measurement specifications.  
-- Wifi Network Adapter types. The same goes for the wifi network adapter  manufacturers. Different manufacturers use different signal strength measurement  specifications.
-- Bandwidths. Currently access points work on 2.4 or 5 Ghz.
-- Signal reflection. Signals can bounce off walls etc.
-- Signal interference. Signals are sent and received over a chosen channel. Does the  company on the floor below yours use the same channel, or an overlapping channel? It  can make a big difference.

Taking all these variables into account, room level accuracy is the highest level of  accuracy we can provide when locating a wireless, roaming laptop. For as far as we  know, it is the highest level possible.