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The website is intended to give easy access to the data that is gathered by the Logon Analyzer server. The website offers almost exactly the same functionality as the console part of the application, except for map creation and install options.

You can install the Website part of the application to a windows 2008 or windows 2012 server in your Active Directory, as long as it is configured as an IIS webserver.

You need to install a Logon Analyzer Server before you can install the website, because you need to point the website to a Logon Analyzer server. The website will get it's data from that Logon Analyzer Server, and the website's configuration file will be stored on that Logon Analyzer server.

In order to install the website onto an IIS webserver, you need to have Local Administrator rights on that webserver. So first, make sure you have started the console with credentials that give you local administrator rights on the server to which you want to install the website. If you haven't started the console with local admin rights, restart this console via 'Run As' with credentials that grant you local admin rights on the server.

Some specific windows components need to be installed for website creation to succeed. You will be informed of which components during website installation, and how to install them.

The security options presented are separate from IIS security options, meaning, they are specific to this application. You will not find information about these settings in the website configuration options on the IIS webserver. They are stored on the Logon Analyzer server the website connects to. The webserver downloads these settings from the Logon Analyzer server on startup, and implements them. And only after those settings are downloaded and implemented, can the website be accessed.

So, no matter who you give access via IIS itself (to the Domain Users, for instance), if only group X has been granted Base Line Security access, then only group X can access the website.


This option allows you to determine which users and/or groups in your active directory can access the website. You can also decide from which IP addresses or IP range the website can be accessed, regardless of firewall settings.


This option allows you to determine per function who has access to the website. Prohibits have priority over grants. So, if Domain Users have the right to view, for instance, Function 'Live Actions', and user X is prohibited from viewing that function, than that function will not be available (nor visible) to user X.