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An end user calls the service desk. She has a problem with her computer. It makes a strange noise, and refuses to start up. And so your service desk employee inquires as to the name of her computer. "I have no idea," she answers.

And so the service desk employee asks her to provide the serial number of her PC. The end user answers: "Come again?"

In a lot of organizations there's no one on one relationship between computers and their end users, even though this information can be very helpful, especially when using a call system, such as TopDesk.

Logon Analyzer can generate primary user reports, which present exactly that -- a one on one relationship between your computers and your end users.

Let's say that you've been logging who logs on to which computer with Logon Ananlyzer for the last year. This also provides information about who has logged on to each computer most often.

In the primary user report, that's exactly what's listed -- the person who has logged on to a computer most over a period of choice.

You can then make this information ready for import into your help desk tooling, such as TopDesk.