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Why is my wireless, roaming laptop not logged?
Wireless, roaming laptops are NOT logged until you create at least one access point of your office via 'Maps\Create Access Point'. You do not have to add this access point to your map. It must just be present on your server.

Do I have to add wireless, roaming laptops to my map? No. If you add a wireless, roaming laptop to your map, it will be treated as a static laptop bound to a workplace. Add access points and snapshots to your map. Then these will be used to locate your wireless, roaming laptops.

How does localization of wireless, roaming laptops work? First you create a map of your organization, then you add your access points to your map. Next you take snapshots of the signal strenghts of each access point and you also add these snapshots to your map. Your wireless, roaming laptops can then be located by way of triangulation of the distance to each access point in your building.