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We are working on the following functionality, which will be added to future releases as soon as they're finished.

Server caching on service stop or replace. Right now, when you stop the server service, the live data maintained by the server is lost. It has to be rebuild when you fire up the server service again. We are working on making the server cache this live data and load it on startup, so that no hickups occur in the presentation of live data.

Data Base logging. Right now all data received by the server is stored in file format in order to facilitate offline evaluation of the gathered data. We are working on the option to have the server write to a database on a database server.

Correction of wireless, roaming laptop location. Right now there is no  functionality that allows you to correct the position of wireless roaming laptops. This  functionality will be added, so that 'per laptop' data will be cached on the server. This will ensure that laptops that, for any reason, are wrongly located, can be correctly located.

Extensive Server Configuration. Right now, a number of variables (such as client update times and caching times) cannot be altered. We are working on allowing fine tuning of these server variables.